Become Verified

Help us convey a level of professionalism to your next client – become VERIFIED.

WHY BECOME 100% VERIFIED?  After you have completed this process, you will receive a “100% VERIFIED” flag on the top of your post, and your listing will show towards the top above others who have not yet completed the verification process.

In your profile are a set of Network Validations which we manually verify, each step accounting for 20% of the process.  Here is what we need to complete this:

Do you have backup equipment / redundancy built in?  Email a brief description of what you would do in the event of equipment failure during an event – what you use for backup equipment, etc.

Do you use a contract/agreement?  Email a copy of a contract signed from an event you did in the last 3 months, or for an event you’re working in the next 3 months.

Are you insured?  Email a copy of your valid yearly insurance policy of at least 1-million in coverage, or coverage for an event you did in the past 3 months or event you are doing in the next 3 months if you do per-event policies.

Do you obtain your music legally?  Email a copy of a receipt from a reliable music source from within the last 3 months if you pay month to month, or your yearly receive if paid annually.

Are you licensed with Lake Havasu City to operate?  This will be manually verified through the Business Licensing Office at City Hall.  A business license costs $112 per year, the application can be found here.